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Sheer Pandemonium


In a grown and sexy world of seduction at every turn, lies sexual behavior that is hot, spicy, and erotic as a group of friends attempt to navigate life in an evolving AI world.

Imagine living in a world of advanced science and technology that leads to innovation of newly introduced advanced humanoids. These humanoids become your companions, co-workers, servers, and almost anything you need them to be. They become more human-like the more they interact with humans.

There’s just one problem. Some people are not so thrilled with these half-human half-robot beings because with the benefits, there are also serious consequences to introducing them into society. People become desperate to survive and others begin to look for safety, out of this world.

After multiple community tragedies occur and utter chaos arrives, a way out is revealed but just for a select group of people. The only way to make it to the new world is to be teleported. However, to ensure being teleported, those chosen are required to do one thing.

Will they accomplish what they need to do to successfully teleport? What will happen to those who have not been granted the right to leave for the new world? The human kidnapping and the pending scientific experiment stand to threaten the lives of those who were left behind.